Thursday, April 6, 2017

Things Stay at Home Moms Say To Working Moms Which Are Annoying!

I read a number of posts where stay at home moms express their frustration to be judged as doing nothing or are considered to be inferior than working Moms. But there's this other side of the story...the story of a working mom who is being humiliated by stay at home moms for their decision to choose both career and home and not just "Home"!

Here are some comments that stay at home moms make which can be hurting as well as annoying for working moms -

1) I don't know how a mother can leave her child at day care... I can never do it! (It's difficult for working moms too but you are making it more difficult by saying this)

2) Why do you have to have a child when you were so career oriented?
(Why can't a couple have both. One never asks this question to men)

3) School canteen is so not healthy... I always give one extra tiffin to my child...let it get wasted but I don't want her to eat unhealthy food. Homemade food is the best.
(Just like everyone cannot work similarly everyone cannot cook. Agree that homemade food is best but Schools ensure imbibing healthy food habits in children too. Don't make it sound like people who choose latter don't care about their child's health)

4) I wake up at 5:30 AM to make full meal for my child.
(Yes you have the privilege to take a nap later... Working moms don't!)

5) Afterall money is not everything.
(Not necessarily all working moms are working just for the sake of money. They also want their education to put to some use just like working fathers do!)

7) I don't know how they get time to dress up early in the morning. We have so much work that we don't even get to see the mirror.
(They have to manage time to dress. It's not a choice, it's a protocol)

9) She pretends that she is so busy even though she has a cook.
(There's lot more to do in a house other than cooking and cleaning, who would know better than a stay at home mom?)

10) This one is specifically for a work from home mom - "What do you do the whole day??"
(She is a full time employee dammit! Even if you can't see her going to the office, her home is her office.)

**Dedicated to a friend who used all these phrases when she couldn't get a job, but opted to put her child into a day care as soon as she got a good offer!

Agree or disagree...we all want to work and earn some money of our own. Few can and few cannot. It depends on their choices or circumstances. We just keep others feel inferior to make ourselves feel superior and convince our mind that we have taken the right decision.

Just like every child is different, every mother is different too. So #StopJudging and "#Respect all the moms for who they are :)

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