Friday, May 16, 2014

Namo!!! Namo!!!!

16th May 2014, 8:30 pm
I can still hear crackers all over. Rallies, celebrations and laughters as if our country got independence once again. BJP won with 278 seats in the loksabha elections and Narendra Modiji will be our next most awaited PM.
The whole country is singing in one chord.. "Namo...Namo".
This evening Maa asked me to get Baba's blood pressure and her diabetes medicine. The whole city was 'modi'fied. An old person was crossing the closed railway gate when others were waiting for the train to pass and the gate to be opened.  He was telling the young boy walking with him and breaking the same rule that "achche din aanewale hai" ( good days are about to come). The boy corrected him by saying " aa gaye" (it has already come) because by then results were out and Modi was declared as the next PM.
We Indians are such idiots.  I know I'am a little harsh in my words. But can you just think about it once? We break the traffic rules, we spit and pee wherever we want, we burn our daughter in laws, we kill our girl child, we bribe our officials to get out of one trouble to create more troubles, we let our under eighteen year old kids to drive, we drink and bash our cars on the people sleeping on footpath, we waste hell lot of food everyday, we still believe in black magic, we cut our trees for no reason, and the list goes on and on. But yes, we believe that changing just one person in the country that is getting a new Prime minister will get us all we loose by doing everything mentioned above.
No.... guys have some common sense.  How many of you are concerned about the nifty and GDP rising due to the new government.  How many of you knew who was the last human resources minister or education minister? What is going to change if these ministries change? Is the area near your house going to be clean with the change of government? No!!! You have to stop putting that shit of yours there. Is your life safe even if you pass that closed railway gate due to the new PM? No!!! Stop breaking those rules if you love your life.  Is your daughter going to be safe on the roads once Modi takes the charge? No!!!! Control your ridiculous boys first.
Modi kya kya karega??? Congress kya kya kar leti? Look at yourselt my country mates!!! Time to show a mirror to yourself first. Its not too late to start. Don't depend on a PM or a government to change your country, to change yourself... 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Your life is the last important thing you have!!!

15th May 2014, 2:08 pm.
I'am sitting here in one of the most famous gynecologist's hospital, waiting for my turn for the ultrasound and papsmear test. These tests are going to determine whether my infection in one of the organ inside me (don't remember the name) is cancerous or not.
Just before a week the sudden death of a friend made me feel that there's nothing more important than a human life. But the last few days after her death has taken my feelings to the exactly opposite side of this thought. Trust me your life is the least important thing that you posses right now. Your spouse may feel a vacuum without you for a day or two. And the third day his relatives will remind him about how young he is to lead the rest of the life alone. His mom will be worried about his food, laundry and other basic day to day stuffs that was taken care by you. His friends will be amazed on how he is going to fulfill his sexual desires for the rest of his life. After all paid options are not really safe in India. People who don't even know him will wonder how he is going to take care of a toddler who was completely dependent on you. And finally he himself will start thinking practically and get another soul mate.  Soon all your pictures will be buried somewhere. And they would have a valid and very much practical reason to do this and that is that those pictures would make them remind you and this would not let them accept the new 'you' in their life.
It took me 15 minutes to reach this hospital.  I took the shortest route. There were hundreds of other people driving on that route. What if I don't go back through the same path? No one is going to miss me there. None will wait for me to reach to their destination.  No one even bothers about where I went or where I want to go. Each one will drive till the end. I will drive till the end.