Sunday, August 10, 2014

Raksha Bandhan :)

I still remember those Rakhi mornings, when Dada and I used to take bath earlier than the usual time and wear any of our party wears ( no we didn't buy new clothes for Rakhi :D). All I used to wait for was the Rs. 20 note that I used to get as a Rakhi gift from Dada initially. Well gradually Rs.20 increased to 50 and slowly to 100 :)
Dada's presence was taken for granted by me.... the only thing mattered then was the increment in the yearly Rakhi gift.
Iam not sure how many times after college did I get to meet Dada on Rakhi as he had to go for his Mtech and then shifted to Goa for his job. But I definitely know the past 6 years. I got married in 2008. In India girls don't go for every festival to their parents place. Of course we have a festival every month so these days even boys have similar rules :).
Today its the seventh year in a row that I have sent my Rakhi online and wished Dada over the phone. No more expectations of the increments. No more dramas on getting lesser money than expectation. With Dada's expensive gift in my hand...all I wish today is just a chance to tie him my rakhi myself.
I know, I still take his presence for granted.  I know he is always there. And I wish he does always!
Dada... all I have to say is that I don't know how much I love you. .but I definitely rely on you. .. I lean on you on every difficult day and you are right there with your shadow to shelter me each day. Having you in my life is just like having a life jacket all the time. I am so overconfident on this, but I strongly believe that you would never let me drown as you have been doing all these years!
Thanks for being tied in this Raksha bandhan. Thanks for being my Dada :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I wish...I could call you!!

I wish whenever I wanted to speak to 'just' someone, I could pick up my phone, just dial the first number stored  in it without even thinking of the time of the day or night.... without even counting how many times before I have called him.... without even wondering whether you want me to call you or not.... without even measuring whether you love me as much I do or not........ I wish...I could call you ....I wish I could call you just... 'NOW'!!!