Monday, March 27, 2017

The last paragraph!

I keep concentrating hard on how to write the concluding paragraph of my article and ta...daaaa... Here comes my princess back from the park. As a huge fan of Nobita, she believes in announcing the big arrival with.. "Mamma I came back..."
Thankfully she is 6 now and can pee, poo and wash herself alone. So she does all of that and orders me for a glass of water...then a banana...and then anything and everything I will be dead tired of one of her stereoscope from the doctor set which might be lying just behind the cupboard or a long lost book which she might have not touched in the past 6 years 😭
After finishing all this I would return to what I say, 'concentrate on my work'.... And here you go she will give me a guilt drive by saying that age old cleashayed line woman use all the time... "Mamma you don't listen to me...or you don't have time for me"...
Buaahhhh... I leave the last para again and listen to all the chitter chatter for say 5 minutes...and that's it.. my mommy guilt is over...time for some employee guilt.
I ask her to keep quite for another 10 minutes and get back to what I say 'concentrate on my work'!
The last para id about to strike the cord of my last nerve of the brain when she starts her questions on anything she is doing... If it is a mobile game...then how to download the new version. If it is tv then what is or why is the character doibg or saying...etc etc etc...
My deadline is just a few minutes away and I continue answering my daughter while finishing the last para!!!😢😢😢

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