Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The last breath!!!

Ashish Kulkarni a.k.a Kullu a.k.a Anna as he was called by all of us in the college. He was in the final year of mining department and a very good friend of Adi. I was standing outside the library when Pankaj sir, another senior from the mining department and a part of our huge group came to me and said that he wants me to introduce Anna to one of my friends from the electronics department.  Since then all I knew about Anna is that I can pull his leg any time and anywhere I meet him though I was a junior to him. I loved addressing him as Kullu sir!
Kullu sir was a localite and his family soon became a second family to Adi and the other group members. Aunty was an ideal Indian mom, who loved cooking for all her son's friends and even the friends of those friends.  Jyotsna Didi became the universal Didi of the whole group. And Smita was cuddled and protected as a baby by each one of us. Uncle was proud of all the future engineer friends of Anna. A big happy family....
College was over... but not the friendship made there. Jyotsna Didi' wedding, Smita's graduation,  Adi and me getting tied...each meeting while chandrapur visits...Anna's wedding.. every moment was cherished fully by us. Anna got married to Pallavi two years back. We thought it would be our last chance to make fun of Kullu sir as everyone changes after getting married. But it was not the case with him at all. The fun continued more after Pallavi came to his life. And then within a year Anna and Pallavi gave us another reason to smile. Anvi was born. The whole Kulkarni family knew how to celebrate life. And there they were...celebrating Anvi's birth even after knowing that she had a major problem in her kidney and will have to be operated within an year. There's this saying that keep smiling on life's problems and soon life will be tired of troubling you. They made this saying true. Anvi was operated and was healthy now. Soon Pallavi started keeping unwell. Aunty had to take care of everything now. But she always had the time to listen to everyone else's problems and wish for their happiness when I used to call her. Anna still was a target for fun for me and Adi. A week before too when Adi called him, he kept laughing that the doctors are idiots who are still confused on the disease that Pallavi has. And yesterday morning at 5:30 am... Anna called Adi...his voice was shaky and filled with tears... "Dost...Pallavi nahi rahi"...( Friend, Pallavi is no more!)..
Anvi is taken care of by Aunty now. Anna is still in shock. I don't know if we will be able to see Anna again laughing and giggling at any joke on him like before. It was just a matter of that last breath that Pallavi might have took. Everything changed with that one breath.
Life is so uncertain. If you hate someone just think he might not be there to hate with that last breath.  If you have a grudge just remember it will remain here but the person will go away with that last breath.  If you expect more just remember you might not have even what you have right now with that last breath. If you love but forget to say it today...remember today can be that last breath!!!!


  1. I m just speechless manu nd cant stop my tears.....:(( I dnt hv guts to talk wth kullu but I didnt forget nything of our days when I also used to shout like nything kulluuuu nd we had blast but nw cant utter a single word in front of him. I wont call him because I cant talk:(((

  2. Can understand Anita di... but I feel we all should call him and strengthen him. I know its tough but it will make him feel that we all are with him at this difficult time too.